Conditions of attending and organizing a cruise

Most of the cruises are designed for organized groups such as schools, clubs etc.  The STAP office accepts applications from these groups by phone, and agrees on conditions based on whether the representatives of the group become organizers of the cruise or a STAP co-organizer is required. Sometimes there is also the possibility for a person not belonging to a group to join a cruise.
In order to make a reservation and be qualified for a cruise it is necessary to contact an organizer (if there is contact data given) or the STAP office. Summer cruises (july-august) are organized by STAP. In order to be qualified for these cruises you should contact the STAP office by phone after having read STS Pogoria’s sailor manual.  The STAP office will send a confirmation of the reservation and it is held on condition of paying subsequent installments. Persons who don’t receive confirmation should contact the STAP office to clarify the situation.
Before the cruise, you have to download, print and fill in the APPLICATION FORM and send it by post or fax to the office.
Coach transportation of participants to the harbors of embarkation and disembarkation will be paid and provided by STAP.  The hour of departure will be given by the STAP office.
Download application form.: