How life on board is organized and what are your duties?

The daily schedule is as follows:
to 0700
night silence
wake-up call
0700 - 0730
morning toilet
0730 - 0755
hoisting the colours and briefing; after the briefing, the navigational watch and galley watch eat breakfast; personal clearance
0900 - 1300
programmed activities
1500 - 1800
programmed activities
from 2300
night silence
Regardless the daily schedule, the ship’s duties or watches (in this case means not only the group of crew members but also duties fulfilled) are stood around the clock.  They differ depending on whether the ship is sailing, anchoring or mooring in the port.  So be ready that:
  • while sailing you will have to perform duties on the deck (a navigational watch) four hours in the daytime and four hours at night. During this watch you will be steering, setting, lowering or trimming sails, standing on the look-out post and assisting in the chartroom.
  • while in the port, you will stand the gangway watch (entrance to the vessel),
  • while handling sails it will be necessary to go aloft (climb the  mast and yards). No one is forced to do this, it is absolutely not compulsory and only volunteers go, but  we know by experience that most of you will try it sooner or later and some of you will become very skilful in it.
  • every fourth day your watch will have a galley watch during which you will have to help the cook to prepare the meals, lay the tables, tidy them up and wash dishes, tidy up and keep tidy the whole interior of the ship, especially toilets and bathrooms.
Moreover, every fourth day your watch will be free of navigational and galley duties from 8AM to 8PM (see watch schedule). In such case you will remain at the bosun’s disposal, from 9AM to 6.30PM with a break for dinner, to help him in keeping the vessel ship-shape.