S/Y Gedania (EN)

For construction of the new Gedania, the hull of the historical Gedania, which was built in 1975, was used. The hull was extended to almost 24m, the yacht was equipped and rigged as a two-masts schooner.
After reconstruction:
  • length - 23,28 m (76,4 ft.)
  • beam - 5,2 m (17,0 ft.)
  • draught - 3,2 m (10,5 ft.)
  • engine power - 192 kW
  • sails' area - 230 m2 (2475,70 ft2)
  • crew- 17 +1 osób
  • water tanks - 3 t.
Inside the yacht there are three 4-person cabins; and a single, a double, and a 3-person cabin, all of them new and aesthetic. There are 4 bathrooms with showers and hot water.  The yacht has 380v, 220v, 24v, and 12V electricity installed thanks to the aggregate and inverters. The kitchen is equipped with an electric oven, microwave, electric range, dishes, and cutlery. Freezers keep the ingredients fresh and tasty, needless to say, the taste of the meals depends on cooking abilities of the crew. The whole interior is heated and air-conditioned.