What rules should you obey?

You do not need to remember all the rules before getting on board, but you have learn those given in bold.
The basic rule of life on board is SAFETY FIRST.
Furthermore the following rules resulting from the regulations and practice must be obeyed:
  • it is not allowed to use any mechanical, electrical,  navigational or radio equipment without having been  instructed on how to use it. Trainees are not allowed to take the seat of the radio operator in the chart room at any time,
  • going aloft and onto bowsprit is allowed only after training  and always upon the consent of the mate on duty.
  • before you uncleat (unfasten) any rope, make sure what this line is for.
  • it is recommended to plait (tie) or put into the cap your loose long hair, especially while working on the deck and aloft and not to wear any pendants, necklaces, rings or earrings which may hurt you when jammed in the rigging. Your finger nails should be cut short.
  • it is forbidden to run on board. It is forbidden to walk barefoot, you should use lace-up or fastened shoes,
  • trainees are not allowed to smoke on the board. We remind you about the signed declaration.
  • trainees are not allowed not only to drink any alcoholic  beverages while on board but even to posses them. Violation of this rule may result in immediate forced disembarkation (in the next port while at sea) and sending back home at your own expense.
  • potable water tanks capacity is limited so we have to save it. The taps installed enable quick water temperature regulation and turning off/on without necessity of repeated regulation. Therefore, you should get wet, turn off the water and after using the soap you can turn on the water again.
  • due to the risk of sewage system clogging, nothing what has not been eaten (except for the toilet paper) must NOT be put into the lavatory pan. We have plenty of water for flushing the toilet (the whole sea). You are expected to flush the toilet at least 5 seconds (15 seconds is recommended) after having used it.
  • you are expected to keep your personal belongings in the lockers and NOT on your berth (which should be made up during the day),
  • remember that persons who are bigheaded, sarcastic and such whose own wishes are always most important to them are not good companions,
  • the ship is not the best place for couples in love. If you want to spend your holidays with the dearest person whose eyes are fixed on you, we recommend to choose rather a tent somewhere on land instead.