What should you remember?

The routes of Pogoria voyages are planned to give you an opportunity of seeing attractive places. The realization of the plan depends on two basic factors. One of them is weather which you and us have no influence upon.  Unfavourable weather conditions may make getting to the planned ports impossible. You have to face up to it because Pogoria is not a ferry, passenger ship or love boat. It is a tall ship for young people. Much depends on yourselves - your attitude to the training and working on board can help the captain to achieve planned goals as well make it impossible for him.

Sail Training Association Poland  is an organization created by a group of people who strongly believe that enabling young people to spend some time as crewmembers on a tall ship makes sense and who enjoy doing this for you.
We believe that your cruise will be as successful as all previous and we wish you fair winds, following seas and unforgettable memories.
The Board of Sail Training Association Poland
Developed by: Cpt. Andrzej Szlemiński

Translated by: Katarzyna Piecha