What should you take with you?

Remember that the space on board for your personal exclusive use is very limited, thus take it into account when you pack your belongings which will have to be put in a locker above or under your berth and into the wardrobe which you will share with other crewmen. Also your bags will have to be put somewhere there, so do not bring stiff suitcases or rucksacks with you. Do not take expensive or valuable or unnecessary the loss of which could be hard to get over. You can survive without an iPod on the sea. You will have to take a good care of your camera, video-camera or other electronics and not to leave these items at any places unattended. Things you should take with you:
  • documents: passport or ID and Seamen’s Book (recommended, not obligatory);
  • sea bag or soft bag for your belongings;
  • waterproof coat and trousers;
  • lace-up shoes with rubber (not plastic) sole and sandals in Summer. For your safety we do not allow to wear sandals or other open toed shoes on the deck.
  • T-shirts, spare trousers, shorts, jeans, shirts, jumpers, socks and underwear. Select your clothing in such way to be able to put it on in layers, to ensure insulation. Do not forget a warm cap and underwear also in Summer;
  • a towel and personal toilet equipment;
  • bed linen and a sheet – you will find pillows and blankets on your berth. Sleeping-bag if you like;
  • sun-glasses, protective cream, a cap protecting from the sun;
  • a book you like (you may have some time to read);
  • musical instrument if you can play;