What will you have to learn?

How to live in a team which is the crew of a tall ship - during the entire cruise.
Before the ship leaves the port, you will get familiar with:
  • ship’s interior and crew accommodation;
  • ship’s rules and regulations;
  • emergency drills and how to use safety belts;
  • location and usage of fire and safety equipment;
  • sails and rigging handling - the basics.
During the voyage you will have to learn the purpose of ropes and where they are fixed. It is not as difficult as it seems at first sight – there is a system and logics in it which you will get know. Many people have succeeded before you. In order to make the task easier and to enable you to learn  some basic terms, we have attached helpful drawings:
  • names and location of the sails.
  • running rigging,
  • pinrails