Whom are you going to meet on board?

Obviously you will meet your colleagues, boys and girls, most of them in exactly the same situation as you. Some of them will already have some experience on board of Pogoria – they will probably be the Watch Leaders. The crew will be divided into four groups called “watches” and the Watch Leaders will distribute the tasks and duties among you to be performed. The watches are under command of Watch Officers (Mates) who are experienced sailors having a Certificate of Competency of Yacht Skipper, and often Yachtmaster. The Mate will give orders to your watch and take care about your safety. You will also meet the professional crew:
  • Chief Officer, who is a direct superior of the professional crew.
  • Bosun, who is responsible for the sails, rigging and all the devices on the deck. You may learn a lot from him.
  • Engineer, who is responsible for all mechanical and electrical devices. In heavy weather conditions he will help you also with sails.
  • Cook, whom you will help in feeding 51 people.
  • Last but not least you will meet the Captain, who is responsible for whatever happens on board and with the ship.