Life on board

s/y Gedania

GEDANIA is a training ship, therefore every participant once stepping on board becomes a crewmember. Before the voyage begins, the crew is divided into watches and instructed about their responsibilities. Afterwards, the captain and the chief officer instruct the crew about safety and drills are conducted.

The schedule is designed so each watch has not only navigational duty during the day and night, bosun’s duty and galley watch (preparing meals and cleaning the ship), but also some spare time.

  • Navigational duty is done on the deck under a supervision of one of the officers of the watch. You will be learning about trimming the sails, how to steer, observe the horizon and what to look for and, most of all, how to navigate.
  • Bosun’s duty is when you will be asked to help the bosun in the maintenance of the yacht. Usually, it is done during the voyage and with good weather and consists of washing the deck and small repairs.
  • Galley watch. There is no professional cook on board, so you will have to do all the cooking yourselves. The watch is also responsible for cleaning the yacht below deck, this means the galley, the mess, the bathrooms and common areas, the cabins are cleaned by their inhabitants.

At the end of the voyage the whole crew is responsible for cleaning and preparing the yacht for the next crew. Each crewmember receives a voyage certificate about the hours spent on board and miles sailed.



  • The captain makes all the final calls about the yacht and crew.
  • Officer of the watch (Mate) is the leader of the watch and participates actively in the works of the watch.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited, at sea or at anchor. The violation of this rule may lead to the expulsion of the crewmember.
  • The ports and the route may change due to the weather conditions or higher factors.