The Sail Training Association Poland


Established in 1993 the Sail Training Association Poland (STAP for short) joins in its ranks about hundred persons, supporters and sail training enthusiasts. There are many legal entities, such as polish tall ships’ owners among the supporters. The highest power in the association is held by the STAP’s Council (general meeting), which chooses the Board, Revision Committee and Peer Court.

Organizing voyages and sail training on board of STS POGORIA is one of the main purposes of the association, who is also the co-owner of this tall ship. The voyages are dedicated mostly for youth between 16 and 25 years old. They are usually organized by the Office itself or in cooperation with schools or other organisations or STAP’s members. During the year some of the voyages include adult crews, except for summer holidays.

POGORIA is sailing throughout the year with only short (usually up to two weeks) breaks for maintenance or repairs. From Autumn till Spring you can find her in the Ligurian Sea, where she sails in one week long voyages with crews’ exchanges in Italian harbours near Genova. Those voyages are in cooperation with STA Italia hence the presence of Italian maritime schools’ students on board.

Early Autumn and early Spring POGORIA sails around Europe with mostly adult crews, so each summer she can participate in the Tall Ship Races organized by the Sail Training International STI).

The Tall Ship Races, often mistakenly called Operation Sail, are being organized for more than 60 years. Lately is all according to a fixed scheme. Every year the whole fleet, consisting of tall ships and smaller yachts, visits four ports in different parts of Western Europe. There are two or three races and one cruise-in-company event held in between the ports. The hosts ports are required to provide entertainment, excursions, sport activities, social and cultural events for the youth crews.

The Association, using its own means, also rebuild and brought back, famous for its polar voyages in the 70’s and 80’s, sailing yacht GEDANIA. She is used on the similar to POGORIA terms, however hers are the waters of the Baltic and North Sea . During Winter she stays in her hometown Gdańsk. GEDANIA is more available for the adults.

Furthermore, STAP operates internationally as one of 20 founding members of the Sail Training International. All members are similar associations focused mostly on the sail training for youth. STI organizes the Tall Ship Races and many other international sailing events and conferences regarding the versatile topic of the sail training. The same topic is the focus of, organized by STAP, open national conferences.

You can read more about our Association and its history in STAP Chronicle.