Welcome to The Sail Training Association Poland

Sail Training Association Poland is an association whose aim is to provide sail training for young people. STA Poland is a founding member of the Sail Training International organization (with 20 national European organizations and organizations from USA, Canada, Australia and Bermuda). The association was established on February 12th,1993, through the initiative of outstanding sailors and marines such as the following commanders of "Dar Młodzieży": Captains Tadeusz Olechnowicz, Leszek Wiktorowicz, Mirosław Łukawski and Roman Marcinkowski, commander of ORP "Iskra" - Commander Czesław Dyrcz, captain of other Polish sailing ships such as "Pogoria", " Zawisza Czarny", "Kapitan Głowacki" "Generał Zaruski”; and other sailing yacht captains who repeatedly attended international sailing events. These events are aimed at not only sail training, but also in creating an opportunity to meet young people from other countries on our continent and all over the world.