Notice to participants

  • To qualify and book a spot on a voyage one is required to contact the voyage’s organizer if given or, if not, the Shipowner’s Office.
  • If qualified, one will receive a confirmation (either by the organizer or the Office). Afterwards, one is required to fill and submit the online Crewmember’s Questionnaire.



Submitting the questionnaire without the previous confirmation is NOT EQUIVALENT with booking the spot on the voyage.

Every qualified participant is obligated to submit the questionnaire:

Every crewmember is also obligated to read the STS POGORIA’s Rules & Regulations to which one consents with a signature in the attachment.



Accident and Health

The costs of the voyage do not cover the accident and health insurance for the participant.

Therefore each crewmember is required to purchase the above mentioned insurance for the duration of the voyage on her/his own.

Ankieta COVID

Obowiązkowa przed wejściem na pokład

Ankietę należy pobrać w zależności od rejsu /Pogoria, Gedania/ wydrukować i wypełnić w dniu zaokrętowania przed wejściem na pokład jednostki !