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Fundacja Pracownia Nauki i Przygody

Zapraszamy na rejs osoby zainteresowane rozwojem; trenerów, psychologów, edukatorów, animatorów i doradzców. Rejs odbędzie się w języku angielskim wraz ze społecznością trenerów europejskich, skupionych w organizacji Experiential Educators Europe oraz ich przyjaciół.   


Let`s take a sail training challange throught beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

Sail training gives you the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills, and make new friends. One of the most important products of sail training is the development of a sense of judgment about what and whom you can rely on, and to what degree. This applies to the compass, the weather forecast, your shipmates, the depths on the chart, the strength of the anchor cable, the vigilance of the lookout on the other ship, and many other things. Sail training also builds a reasoned sense of self-reliance. All of this starts from the moment you begin to think about a voyage. On our yacht everybody is a crew member, what that means is that we are taking day and night watches, cooking, cleaning.It is going to be an expedition into the ocean wilderness, not a laid back vacation. Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigate, make weather observations, provide a general lookout, and much more.We have to share all responsability beetwen us. We will have professional skipper who will lead us to great (and safe!) adventure!
No sail experience is necessary!

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